New African Woman

I read NA as soon as it comes out.
While sitting on the train I read the summer issue and the first thing I usually read is the comment page...and I was reading one comment when I thought to myself: Oh..this woman thinks just like me, I agreed with her post. The words felt very familiar. Funny that me and the woman in the paper shared the same opinion then I looked at the signature and realized that it was my own personal post I was reading that I posted on the NA Facebook page, I was shocked and started to laugh. I never thought they would post an online comment in that news magainze. Very nice surprize.
I recommend this mag and I think you should go out and get a copy of it yourself

Postat av: Milla

Oh, sounds like a mag I have to go look for!!

2012-09-30 @ 20:04:41
Postat av: Queenly

Yes the mag is wonderful and the price is very good also. Its a bi-montly mag.

2012-09-30 @ 21:07:08
URL: http://www.Queenly.Me

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