Park Lane Baby 
Harrods - Huge Mall Full of luxury and delicious things.
French Food at Colbert's ~ Very nice fresh taste , popular place in central London
Delicious food at Galvins - Hilton
I became the proud owner of a Susan Caplan jewel, I was looking at her many times, observing her, and I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER. 
She is beyond amazing. I have never seen such a beauty in life before.
There she was, standing alone in the huge mall.
Out of all the items in the mall, I only wanted her.
And my dream came true.

The DISSAPOINTMENT when it comes to makeup

I bought a wonderful peach lipgloss from Clarins Paris and just as I was about to throw away the package I noticed a big piece of paper with "instructions" which I have NEVER seen in a lipgloss package before.
Then I turned the package and read the ingredients......................I was disgusted....and I asked myself why my little pen of lipgloss contains that huge ammount of words I can't even pronounce.
We all know that women swollow/eat alot of their lipstick and lipgloss during the days........lord knows how much chemicals we insert in our bodies daily. From NOW ON.........I'll only invest in organic makeup that does NOT contain anything harmful for my system.
Lesson learned.

Nomu African Rub for your chicken breasts

NoMU African Rub is a great spice but not only for meats. It adds an exotic spark to every day dishes like stews, soups and sautes.
You manage the depth of taste by controlling the quantity and cooking time. Not Hot! Just Spicey.
It tastes sooooo gooddddddddddd

Organic Babies

Wonderful Ecological Products, a gel-cleaner for the face and a tube of facial moisturizer that stays on your skin a whole day.

Pizza Rolls

 Dough that I put a beautiful print on 
Amazing pizza buns filled with beans, meat, peppers, onions and lots of delicious spices.

Some nice jewels I made

Wonderful LONG Summer earrings
HEAVY Glas beads earrings with beautiful stones in the middle.
The pattern in the waist beads is amazing.
Flower Rasta Earrings
Big wooden earrings

A Doll Re-Make

She is from Denmark.
I pimped her up.
She was looking very sad and depressed so i made her more beautiful.
Fulljoy the makeover.

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