The Story Behind The Dolls


Queen Naziya

Meaning: She who is charitable
Naziya is a fairly unique name in Libya, but is much-adored by some. Libyan parents see Naziya as: perceived by others as highly attractive. She is one with the confidence to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Queen Jaleela

Meaning: A regal woman
Jaleela is a boutique name in Libya. Libyan parents see Jaleela as: a high-class girl, born into wealth and privelage. She is a girl who is dark and mysterious


This is... Queen Inaya From Libya, North Africa. 
Her name means: A Mighty Woman .
Inaya is a fairly unique name in Libya, but is much-adored by some. Libyan parents see Inaya as: a leader who commands respect. She is one who values her roots and upbringing

Meet Abiona

Her name in Yoruba means: born during a journey

Meet Mona The Noble One

This is Princess Mona
She is from Norway 
Her name means: Noble One

This is Goma and her name means Joyful Dance in Swahili


Meet Amana

Her name means: To Believe in Swahili
 loyal, faithful in Hebrew.
Amana sure is adorable and beautiful 
Royal Princess
I Love you

Fatou the Muslim


Pizza Cake and Pizza Time


Veggie Balls

Vegetarian "MeatBalls" made from eggs, cheese, onions, walnuts with some mashed potatoes and sallad

The Passport Necklace

The Migration Passport Necklace for all Immigrants to carry along their long exhausting trips all over the world, in trying to find a better life, far away from war and poverty and misery.
My model is a survivor with many interesting life stories to tell you, one day our people won't suffer

Ocean Necklace


Warm Chocolate brownie with Jamaican rum


The African Amulet

The African Amulet is in good hands now.
She is beautiful.
I made her with love and passion.
a Princess is wearing it now.





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