Painting on earrings



I disliked the original material from the 80's so I put on my paris bought- african wax material and added some leopard print material to the pillows

The Passport Necklace

The Migration Passport Necklace for all Immigrants to carry along their long exhausting trips all over the world, in trying to find a better life, far away from war and poverty and misery.
My model is a survivor with many interesting life stories to tell you, one day our people won't suffer

Ocean Necklace


The African Amulet

The African Amulet is in good hands now.
She is beautiful.
I made her with love and passion.
a Princess is wearing it now.





Retro Bag by Queenly


Crochet Phone Bag

Why buy bags for phones when you can create one yourself?

Afrique Shoes


Queenly Bag


Some nice jewels I made

Wonderful LONG Summer earrings
HEAVY Glas beads earrings with beautiful stones in the middle.
The pattern in the waist beads is amazing.
Flower Rasta Earrings
Big wooden earrings

Timbs Remixed by Queenly




In The Making


Black and White ~ Powerful



Starship was Created

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