Park Lane Baby 
Harrods - Huge Mall Full of luxury and delicious things.
French Food at Colbert's ~ Very nice fresh taste , popular place in central London
Delicious food at Galvins - Hilton
I became the proud owner of a Susan Caplan jewel, I was looking at her many times, observing her, and I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER. 
She is beyond amazing. I have never seen such a beauty in life before.
There she was, standing alone in the huge mall.
Out of all the items in the mall, I only wanted her.
And my dream came true.

Höganäs Saluhall

Idag var jag och åt lunch på Höganäs Saluhall, mycket vackra lokaler, underbart god mat.
Matsalen är stor och öppen, mysig belysning och det bästa är att kockarna lagar mat på ett högre plan, så att dom ser gästerna äta och när man tar mat så går man runt en stor äldre ugn. Lokalerna var värda ett besök bara dom, på första plan kunde man handla snygg inredning och hälsosam mat, ekologisk italiensk pasta, grönsaker och frukter från skånska gårdar och chocklad från Österlen samt goda ostar och köttbitar.
Dyrt, men så är det alltid på fina salluhallar. Det är värt ett besök. Den slår inte Norreports i Köpenhamn MEN den är fantastisk för en sådan mindre stad/by.

Copenhagen and Malmö

So fresh......taste it...try it ...a Fruity drink without alcohol, no sugar, artificial flavors or colours.
On my way to some event.
Walking in the city
Window Shopping in Christianshavn
Pink Bike
Erotic store next to the K stores
The colorful building infront of me is actually a Cinema 
Christiania Entrance
HUGE penis in metall (I was not allowed to photograph in the store but I broke the rules like I usually do)
Pink Leopard Massage Toy for women
CRAZY insane statue.............piece of art..................I wonder which artist that created this

Nights in Paris

Goodbye Sweden 
On the Bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen
A cinnamon cake from the famous and big Danish Lagkagehuset, sadly it did not taste good. It tasted of rubber and floorchemicals ammonia. Never again. Don't trust the hype.
Tourists stepping off the newly arrived Easy Jet plane
 Porte de Clignancourt  officially called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, but known to everyone as Les Puces
Old Beautiful Buildings
Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
 The luxury brand Louis Vuitton, I was told by the French that this brand is for the younger people and that Hermes is more appreciated by the older generation.
Yayoi Kusama's work has performed strongly at auction: top prices for her work are for paintings from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Now she has her own collection with Louis Vuitton
The Obelix from Egypt
They had to rescue someody in the lake.
Notre Dame
I am an Ice Cream Fanatic and I went to the BEST icecream place in the whole of Paris.
This place is called Berthillon  and its a luxury ice cream.
They use only natural ingredients, milk, sugar, cream and eggs. 60 diff flavors per year. 
its the best ice cream in France and I picked out the Rum and Raisin flavor.
They have another chain called Amorino but it has zero alcohol flavors.
The Berthillon was the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Rich in flavor, strong rum taste, big soft chewy raisins.
I cannot wait to taste this ice cream again and I wish they had it all over the world.
 Café Louis Philippe The food here was good, the atmosphere was great
The Gratin Dauphinois was to die for
Effel Tower at night
Club 4 , Sexy Lap Dance shows and table dances etc
The stairs in the arch of triumph......I thought they would never end.
But the view was all worth it
magnificent view from the top
I could see Montmartre on the top
Statue Screaming at me
The food in Chez André was not so good as I thought it would be.
Jeremy Scott for Adidas
Downstairs in this cool unique store they had a café with white enterior design
In the Louvren Park me and a female statue
The Metro in Paris
People are waiting  patiently
It was HOT...Humid..and Sweaty 
I went to a big mall
I was not impressed with the stores in there though.
Nice fancy and cheap shoes
Sweeet Delicious Cupcakes
My favorite part in the store - Chocolates, too many to choose from. I got 4 rum and raisins.
Dinner Time on a windy monday evening in town
Wonderful food
We went to the Casino, it was so much fun 
horrible food in the place
Pose Up
The next day we had enough of the luxury and wanted to try something different, far away from the fancy hot spots and tourist attractions, we decided to go to KFC and another part of Paris
Hot and Spicy
The sad part about seeing the harder side of Paris was that we saw alot of poverty and struggle, homeless people and we saw a young gypsy girl begging kfc customers for food at their tables, while her dad was sitting outside on the ground begging, we saw alot of that, a mother with four girls sitting on the ground
When I was sitting in a café I spoke to a woman that asked me if I ever been to Montmartre, my anwser was no.
She told me about the place and I was not showing any form of interest of going there.
Later on that day..I would understand why she was so enthusiastic about it.
The most amazing thing about it was that......................its two completely different worlds...
just a couple of streets away from all the arabic coffee shops and african food restaurants..there is a placed called....Monmartre...........which is THE REAL does not get more real than this (minus the tourist spots)
I fell in love...on that sunny afternoon
I was about to experience something I have never experienced before
today I can proudly say that I LOVE MONMATRE (which I had a huge problem to pronounce)
And I want to LIVE there in the future, even if its only for a short while.
The streets were filled with two types of stores
1: Sex stores
2: Tourist stores where they sell made in china produced souvenirs
The famous Moulin Rouge
A beautiful wooden door that I liked alot
Vincent Van Gogh
This hotel lobby..and the hotel terass..upstairs has the best view all over this place
Heheh.....very interesting services they offer here in Paris
Sweet and adorable statues
I wish I could take it home with me in my luggage
Now.....we went to this amazing resaturant called  

Le Relais de la Butte

well... take a look at the pics below..the food speaks for itself of flavor..........thats how I like it
The beautiful DALIDA
It was get back home
Sadly Charles de Gaulle Int’l Airport in Paris, France is really bad, its been written in Metro and many other blogs and I got a chance to see it myself, they had no restaurants and no stores, there was nothing to do but to sit and wait for the plane. Probobly the most boring airport in Europe.
The Pilot is ready for takeoff

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